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How to enable the space guarantee for SAN volume? I am not using snapshot for that volume also the fractional reserve is set to 100.


I have 2.4 TB aggr with 3 volumes.

volume1 is 1 TB with 300 GB free space with 700 GB actual data.

volume 2 is 1 TB ONLY 58 GB FREE SPACE WITH JUST 650 GB ACTUAL DATA (where is the reamining space)the space guarantee shows "volume-disbaled" for this volume

volume 3 is 400 GB with 50 GB free space with 300 GB actual data.

Please see the PIC for more details




There could be a number of reasons for this behaviour, most of them associated with the aggregate running out of space.

Try typing "volume guarantee disabled" in the search field on NOW & you will get links to a number of Knowledgebase Articles.

In particular these two seems to be helpful: (if you are on ONTAP prior to 7.3) (if you just upgraded to 7.3)




Do you want to enable space reservation ?

if yes, you can simply type : vol options <vol-name> guarantee=volume

Can you say, what kind of data is inside volume 2. As I can read it properly, you are wondering where has the space gone ?

Can you describe it better ?


I have already set the guarantee option to VOLUME. But it shows disabled.

Its an one TB volume with 825 GB of LUN ( No space reservation) inside.

Now i am working in the below link to find out solution for my problem

Please go through attached doc to get the situtauion in detail...

Aggregate 'aggr1'

    Total space    WAFL reserve    Snap reserve    Usable space       BSR NVLOG           A-SIS

         2921GB           292GB           131GB          2498GB             0KB           262GB

Space allocated to volumes in the aggregate

Volume                          Allocated            Used       Guarantee

vmvolume00                         1029GB           563GB          volume

vmvolume01                          731GB           726GB volume(disabled)

vmvolume02                          402GB           172GB          volume

Aggregate                       Allocated            Used           Avail

Total space                        2163GB          1461GB            72GB

Snap reserve                        131GB            15GB           116GB

WAFL reserve                        292GB            30GB           261GB