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How to create single name space with CIFS now VFM isn't about?


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I have been getting quite a few queries recently from Partners wanting to put NetApp in place for CIFS but for customers who want to use DFS-R or create a single namespace across multiple sites.  In the past I would have pointed people lovingly towards VFM, now VFM is out of the picture I was wondering how other people who delivering the DFS-R functionality.

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AutoVirt is worth checking out as a substitute for VFM. Like VFM, AutoVirt contains namespace functionality and data management tools all built together, but the namespace functionality is much more integrated and flexible.

Check out AutoVirt's swap-out program for VFM:

Is this the only other product out at the moment?  I am too looking for other solutions, but would like to weigh all my options first.


The only other solution that creates a namespace with CIFS is F5's ARX suite of appliances.  If you would like to learn a little more about AutoVirt, please feel free to contact me.


How about some tooling just to manage your DFS roots?