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when vscan enable cifs shares too slow...



I have trouble with virus scan option on my filer.

When I enable vscan option on N 3400 storage (I guess fas2040)  cifs shares being very slowly. While browse directory, copy or open file directly. Users complain because of this situation.

EX: . if vscan off, my file copy transfer rate (from filer to my desktop)  about 25-30 Mbps, if vscan on  then file copy transfer rate decrease 700-800 Kbps.

My environment :

Antivirus Server : Mcafee Virus Scan Enterprise + Antispyware Enterprise 8.7.0i (default setting) -  on Windows server 2008 r2 Ent.

Filer                 : N3300 - Ontap 7.3.3

Connection :  filer and A.Virus server are same local area and 100Mbit connection. Also my filer's 2 nics configured VIF multi mode.

vscan command print :

filer> vscan

Virus scanning is enabled.

Virus scanners(IP and Name)      P/S Connect time (dd:hh:mm)  Reqs    Fails    Curr. Reqs.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     \\ITCserver           Pri    01:22:19               234        2        2

List of extensions to scan:


List of extensions not to scan:

Extensions-not-to-scan list is empty.

Number of files scanned:  234

Number of scan failures:  3

Number of throttled requests:  0


Not: Also I disabled vscan mandatory option. because sometimes users cannot access their files on filer.

I need your comments...




With only a 100 Mbit connection to the virusscanner I would start checking if the network is full. If not then check if the virusscanner itself can handle the load and if the recommended settings have been set (

Also check if the filer itself has a cpu bottleneck by comparing cpu usage with vscan off/on.