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How to migrate VMware NFS to a different qtree?



I need to migrate vmware NFS datastore to another FAS array. It could be offline migration. I don't want to click "Ad to Inventory" for every VM.

What is the best way?

I'd like to use qtree SnapMirror, but ESX does not recognize SnapMirrored datastore.

I can create new Datastore and mount snapmirrored but I'll have to do "Add to inventory" for each VM in datastore.

Even if I snapmirror everything to a destinaton qtree then move VMs to the same qtree as on source (in my case root qtree) then change IP and volume FSID.  VMware still does not recognize datastore.

SnapMirror: SourceFiler:/vol/vmware_nfs -> DestinationFiler:/vol/vmware_nfs/qtree

Move VMs to volume root: mv /vol/vmware_nfs/qtree/* /vol/vmware_nfs/

Change FSID Destination FSID = Source FSID

Change IP: Destination IP = Source IP

Thank you.



I managed to do it with iSCSI by changing SCSI id, but no luck with NFS.



ESX recognizes NFS datastores using the host and share path.

So, if you're datastore is mounted as:

You'll need the same thing on the destination.
Hostname resolution and share path difference can cause issues.
For example, the following are not considered the same datastore:
nor are these:
nor are these:



Thanks for reply.

The problem is that it is not enough.

Even if you transfer datastore to different filer and change IP addressESX will not accept that datastore. (in my experience)

Looks like you need NFS handlers copied, not only FSID.

This operation can be done using snapmirror migrate command, but this works only with volumes, not qtrees.