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How to replicate CIFS share to Windows?


Hello everyone! I got stupid question: How to replicate CIFS share from NetApp to Windows?

I know that is better way to use SnapMirror, but unfortunately nobody wasn't listened me when were starting project and now I got what I got

Any ideas or suggestion?




Could you please explain your question little more in depth, so i can give a try


Ok. I have got a NetApp filer wich has about 3Tb of shared public folders in primary DC. I need to replicate this data into disaster recovery site in secondary DC. So... nobody asked me how to do this and provided me only windows server... and now I think how to do this task in better way. NetApp to Windows... I think script help me, but, may be, someone already has such experience and know, may be, better way.


We should be thinking about replication from Windows to Netapp .

We cannot use snapmirror for replication between a netapp box and windows box. I think you have realized that one and we do not have native tools on netapp which would help in seemless replication.

Not replication but we can migrate the data using securecopy, F5 migration services or freetool available in windows which is robocopy. these tools will keep the security/NTFS ACLs intact during the migration.

Please let me know if this is not what you are looking for.

Yeah, I'm realize that there is no native NetApp tools to do this task... Managers hadn't thought about it when did project and now I must  come up with a magic remedy

Yes, robocopy is the first candidate for this task.


I like Robocopy and it is easily scripted.  The new version of Robocopy with Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 is multi-threaded which can increase your throughput for the large data migration.  Check out some documentation on it here.