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Looking For NetApp Documentation About Disks


Hi NetApp Community, I am looking for documentation about the underlying technology of NetApp's devices.  Meaning when a volume is created how is that placed on the disks and within an aggregate and RAID group.  And then when a LUN is created, how is that treated within a volume.  Is it spread across a limited number of disks or all of them?  I am also looking for information on IOPS.  I want to learn the engineering technology about how NetApp does things not just the way to set it up.



LUNs get spread across all disks in all RAID groups in an aggregate.

See the Storage Management Guide and Block Access Protocols Guide in the Data ONTAP

documentation for a good start...

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The most technical info you'll find is the paper "FlexVol: Flexible, Efficient File Volume Virtualization in WAFL" from Edwards was published at USENIX 08.

Available for download here:

still leaves open a lot of questions but answers many as well