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Migration from software ISCSI to NFS on filer


We are a relatively small shop.  We currently just upgraded our 2020 to a 2240.  We run 2 SQL boxes that use snapmanager and snapdrive to map sw iscsi out to luns on the old 2020.  I am planning on the migration to the new 2240.  We really dont use snapmanager to capture snapshots of the database.  I use native SQL tools to dump out BAK files to a network share every hour.  I dont want to move my iscsi volumes to the new 2240.  I would prefer to just create a few vmfs volumes on nfs.  Anyone have any ideas as to how to migrate the data?  I know I can use the native db move tools in SQL but I want to capture other data that is on the drives.  I cant use vmware converter because the server needs to be online for the sw iscsi to work and attempts to use the converter while online have not worked.

Perhaps bring databases online and use a cloning tool?