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NFS permission issue


I'm relatively new to NetApp, but I've come across an issue that hasn't presented itself as of yet. The request is simple enough - create a NFS share and let this non-root user have full access.

I've created a new share and i've allowed R/W and Root access to a number of hosts.  I've got Security Flavor set to Unix and Anonymous Access set to "Grant access to root users on all clients to the shared directory" (I'm running a FAS 3240). In my past workings with NFS, the permissions granted give the root user of the box said access. So to me that means that if i grant root and r/w access to server1, the root user(s) on server1 should be able to read/write/delete/modify/chown etc.


However, the root user has only been granted r/w access. It cannot change ownership or anything. 




How is the volume mounted? What are you trying to change ownerhip of (file / folder)?


what do you mean? using the mount command

the switches that apply:



Basically I am trying to grant read/write permission to a non-root user, but so far only root has read/write access and it can't chown, even chgrp comes back with an odd response:

chgrp user DPServices
chgrp: changing group of `DPServices': Invalid argument


Is DPServices the mount point or a directory under the mount point in the volume?