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NFS share to Windows and Setting up CIFS


Hopefully these are very basic questions that someone can assist with


NFS. I want to trial UFS Explorer so i need to mount a drive via NFS to Windows. I have installed the NFS client in Windows and im currently trying the mount command but keep receiving 53 network error.


Im using the following command:  mount -u:<username> -p:<Password> \\x.x.x.x\Sharename z:\


Is this the correct command? Im not actually sure which IP to connect via either, so ive tried them all, SVMAdmin IP, 10Gb Data Ethernet links etc


As a last resort i may need to configure CIFS and share that way. However ive read conflicting reports as to whether sharing via CIFS and NFS at the same time can cause conflicts with ACL's. At the moment we are licenced but the CIFS protocol isnt enabled, i assume i can just enable it via CLI?


Can anyone help on the basics of mounting an NFS share !




You must make sure that the directory is exported and is accessible. From your post, what I understand is that you are using Clustered Data ONTAP.

How did you configure the NFS exports? via CLI or system manager? 

If using NFS v3, no need to specify username and password there. NFS v3 basically allows access to exported resources based on clent IP addresses, not usernames. So, you should check the export policies of the SVM's root volume as well as the NFS exported directory to make sure that your windows system has sufficient permissions to access the exports. The following commands would give us some clue.

volume show  ( for both SVM root and the Data Volumes)

export policy rule show ( for the relevant export policies)


From the client side, "showmount -e servername" and "rpcinfo -p servername" are some useful commands, if it was a linux client. Not sure if windows has any such commands available.


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