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NFS user quota size not reflected by Linux df command


Hi all...I am setting up NetApps to NFS export home directories to a number of Linux servers.

A vfiler has been created and owns one 3000GB volume, x4_nfs.

Via quotas,

- a 194GB qtree has been carved out for home directories, x4_nfs/home

- default home directory size was set at 1GB

- user sysxxx was given a 5GB home directory.


   #Auto-generated by setup Tue Apr 20 15:41:20 EDT 2010
   /vol/x4_nfs                -sec=sys,anon=0,rw=nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn
   /vol/x4_nfs/home       -sec=sys,


  #Auto-generated by setup Tue Apr 20 15:36:53 EDT 2010
  #Quota target            type disk       files thold       sdisk  sfile

  #----------------------- ---- ---------- ----- ----------  -----  -----

  #-- home qtree quota                194G
  /vol/x4_nfs/home         tree 203423744K     - 183081372K      -      -

  #-- default user quota                1G
  *      user@/vol/s2_nfs/home1   1048576K     -    943720K      -      -
  #-- special user quota for sysxxx     5G
  sysxxx user@/vol/x4_nfs/home    5242880K     -   4718592K      -      -

All is working well, except that when I mount home directory sysxxx on a RedHat linux server and run the df command, the sysxxx directory shows as having 194GBs of space rather the 5GBs

> df -Th --block-size=G /home/sysxxx

Filesystem    Type   1G-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
               nfs        194G        0G      194G   0% /home/sysxxx

What am I doing wrong?  Thanks...grant



As far as I know (and I could be wrong), df in Unix has never reflected user quotas, it always shows the size of the file system. This is the same whether the file system is local or over NFS. A qtree quota is different because it makes the OS think that the "disk" has a restricted size. The "quota" command, however, should display the quota size and usage for a given user.




Richard…Thanks for your response. Hmmm, this is kind of disappointing. I have worked with unix (AIX, actually) for quite a while, but this my first foray into NFS and quotas. This means that all of the NetApp /home directories shared out via NFS will reflect the whole size of the qtree, not an individual’s share. This will be quite confusing to our users…grant