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quotas on a vfiler



I have created a vfiler "vfiler1" this has the following volumes connected to it:




I have added /vol/staffuser and /vol/staffnores into the cifs_homedir.cfg file, this has worked fine.

I have used robocopy to copy the data from our current fileserver into the relevant volumes.

I would like to quota the homedirs on the staffusers volume to 2gig and 10gig on the staffnores volume. What is the best way to do this?

on our current server 2008 fileserver the homedirs are quota'd at folder level (no homedir on can be over 2gig, regardless who owns the data)





I would create a qtree in each volume, then create a default quota...identical to a setup in a non-vfiler, but use /etc/quotas in the vfiler root then quota on from the vfiler.  In the vfiler root volume, create the quotas file, then from the vfiler context "quota on volname" or "vfiler run vfiler1 quota on volname".  This will prevent users from writing over the quota but they will see the full size of the volume.

*   user@/vol/staffusers   2G  -  2G    # 2G max, no file count limit, threshold at 2GB, but in reality probably make less than 2GB

*   user@/vol/staffnores   10G - 10G