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Netapp- can't delete some folders\files


We are using Data Ontap7.3.2P3 as file server (CIFS) and as you know sometime need to create folders\files and delete other from my netapp storgae, but recently I fcaed issue which some files can't delete them from the storgae and I'm not sure why??  even when my account have full control of it, also when I trying to right click them gives me only Open,Open with, print and send!!

I attached screenshot of the all issues,,

can anyone help please figure out the cause since I'm facing this issue with many folders.





The files were probably locked by users.

Using the NetApp CLI you can use the lock command to report on active locks and break them when needed. You can use the MMC of a windows pc/server to connect to the filer and use the MMC GUI to find and break locks.


Check the total path length. i believe we go upto max 255 characters. map a drive upto "Mutual Funds" folder and try deleting the file.