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New to NetApp


My company has an old NetApp running OnTap 7.2, and no support through NetApp.

I can log in through the CLI, but the webpage it should be hosting gives me Error 500, and so I have to do everything through the command line.

I can't find a straightforward explanation on how to create a new NFS export, something I could do blindfold in the EMC Celerra on the command line.

I want to create a completely new everything, from raid group on up, as this machine is in the lab for training and testing purposes.

Please direct me to any trainings/support/documentation.

Thanks for your patience,





503 error is the expected behavior if you don't have http license. To reach the web interface you can try http://ipaddress/na_admin

If you still get an error you can look at the following options in cli mode:

options httpd.admin.access

options httpd.admin.enable

To manage NFS exports, there is the exportfs command.

Hope this helps


Here's the output:

FAS250-01> options httpd.admin.access
httpd.admin.access           legacy
FAS250-01> options httpd.admin.enable
httpd.admin.enable           on

And I still get Error 500 when accessing http://fas250-01/na_admin.

From what I've read, I have to reinstall OnTap, but I don't have access to redownload the OS and then install it.

As I have no volumes to create an NFS share on, I don't think I've got anything to export.  I've found the documentation confusing.

Thanks for your help.



If you have a system for testing and training then you certainly have production systems as well.  Use the serial number from one of them to setup a NOW account where you will find all the documentation that you need.  It isn't entirely relevant that you can do all of this on an E(xtra)M(oney)C(harged) Celeron, because a NetApp is an entirely different beast.

Other than this, there is probably no official/legal way to give you access to documentation. If someone had the foresight to order the paper/printed documentation with the system originally, then you have something to work with there.