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Previous versions not showing on a vFiler


Hello I have a NetApp 2050, I have a vfile on this toaster.  Config:

nas2050 has 2 volumes, A and B.  OnTap 7.3.1P2

These are used by a vFiler Filer2050

Each volume has a qtree, Atree and Btree

Our Windows engineer and see previous version on shares at under the qtree on folder, but is not able to see preious versions at the volume level.  There is an admin share to the volume lever for the engineers above where the users see, to use for admin tasks.  It is at this level that they cannot see any previous versions.

All such configs on the toaster work fine, it is only on the vFiler that this is seen.  These admin shares are set up at the vFiler, not the hosting toaster (if that makes a difference)

Any insight would be much appreciated.





Assuming the qtree's have been passed to the vfiler for ownership, then the CIFS Admin connects to the volume cifs share (which is hosted by the physical vfiler (0)) and because of that the CIFS config is different and maybe thats the reason for them not being able to "see" the "Previous Version"...

In order to fully answer this question we would need a bit more details on the config.

volumes, qtrees = owned by which vfiler instance

printout of "options cifs" from vfiler0 and vfiler1

"cifs shares" from vfiler0 and vfiler1



What version of windows are they using?

Under windows 7 you need to enable SMB2 in order to see previous versions.

options cifs.smb2.enable             on


i know only this knowledge base articel.

options to set are : options cifs.show_snapshot on and options cifs.smb2.enable off

i hope this help you.