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Question about Netapp Simulator 8.1 C-Mode


Hello Community,

first of all I am new to NetApp.

I try to set up a pNFS environment. Therefore i installed Netapp Simlator 8.1 C-Mode and used the Document "Parallel Network File System Configuration and Best Practices for Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster-Mode (TR-4063) .

Everything works fine till i try to verify my setup (7.1 Enable pNFS on Vserver)


simcluster::*> nfs show -vserver nfsvsrv1

                                          Vserver: nfsvsrv1

                               General NFS Access: true

            RPC GSS Context Cache High Water Mark: 0

                             RPC GSS Context Idle: 0

                                           NFS v2: disabled

                                           NFS v3: enabled

                                         NFS v4.0: enabled

                                     UDP Protocol: enabled

                                     TCP Protocol: enabled

                              Spin Authentication: disabled

                             Default Windows User: -

                      Enable NFSv3 EJUKEBOX error: false

Require All NFSv3 Reads to Return Read Attributes: false

Show Change in FSID as NFSv3 Clients Traverse Filesystems: enabled

Enable the Dropping of a Connection When an NFSv3 Request is Dropped: enabled

               Vserver NTFS Unix Security Options: use_export_policy

                    Vserver Change Ownership Mode: use_export_policy

           Force Usage of SpinNp Readdir Requests: false

                       NFS Response Trace Enabled: false

                   NFS Response Trigger (in secs): 60

                        UDP Maximum Transfer Size: 32768

                        TCP Maximum Transfer Size: 65536

                      NFSv3 TCP Maximum Read Size: 65536

                     NFSv3 TCP Maximum Write Size: 65536

                              NFSv4.0 ACL Support: disabled

                  NFSv4.0 Read Delegation Support: disabled

                 NFSv4.0 Write Delegation Support: disabled

Show Change in FSID as NFSv4 Clients Traverse Filesystems: enabled

                         NFSv4.0 Referral Support: disabled

                          NFSv4 ID Mapping Domain:

NFSv4 Validate UTF-8 Encoding of Symbolic Link Data: disabled

              NFSv4 Lease Timeout Value (in secs): 30

              NFSv4 Grace Timeout Value (in secs): 45

                Preserves and Modifies NFSv4 ACL : enabled

                    NFSv4.1 Minor Version Support: enabled

                                    Rquota Enable: disabled

                 NFSv4.1 Implementation ID Domain:

                   NFSv4.1 Implementation ID Name: defaultv41implidname

                   NFSv4.1 Implementation ID Date: Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970

                     NFSv4.1 Parallel NFS Support: enabled

                        NFSv4.0 Migration Support: disabled

                         NFSv4.1 Referral Support: disabled

                        NFSv4.1 Migration Support: disabled

                              NFSv4.1 ACL Support: disabled

                             NFS vStorage Support: disabled

              NFSv4 support for Numeric Owner IDs: enabled

On 7.3 "Check the Status of pNFS on Cluster-Mode" i try to enter the following command: "statistics show -object nfsv4_1 -instance nfsvsrv1 -counter *_total.

But here begins my problem. I have no Option nfsv4_1 only nfs4 is available. Is this a limitation of the simulator?  The same happens to the option -counter. There is no such option on my simulator...

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks  in advance

Best Regards




The official pnfs is 8.1.1 I think. But you may find it in advanced mode Or diag mode in the current vsim 8.1 "set -priv advanced"


Hi Scott,

thanks for the hint. Now i have an option _counter. But if i try statistics show -object nfs4 -instance nfsvsrv1 -counter * i got no result.

I think this happens because of the nfs4 in my command and not nfsv4_1 mentioned in the text...

Any ideas whats  wrong?

Best Regards