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Quotas on Subfolders - Too late to implement qtrees


Hello everyone,

Hopefully someone out there has solved this problem, been combing through the communities for a while trying to do this.

We have a department share, it has its own volume, ontap 7.3.2 (soon to be 7.3.4), and 110 sub departments, one directory for each department.  We want to limit the size of each of these departments, aka directories.  After researching, realize that we can do quotas at that level but we'd have to convert 110 directories to qtrees and do all the data migration associated with it.  In addition, most of the files are offline Enterprise Vault files, so the migration would require (unless we can do subfolder NDMP copies?) say a robocopy and then an fsautil copy so that the stub gets copied over, and that takes forever.

Here's my approaches thus far....

  1. Investigated creating the 110 qtrees but didn't feel that was plausible from a time consumption perspective.  It would be a lot of data migration.  Does anyone know of some Netapp trickery that lets you convert a directory into a qtree without having to migrate data?
  2. Trying group quotas now, applying a group to a directory.  Creating a group on the local netapp, creating a group in AD, applying the AD group to the directory, setting up an entry for the groups in usermap.cfg (NFS is licensed) and testing to see if that group is picked up in the quota.  So far not working, but continuing to test.  In usermap.cfg I am used the ID of the group, not the group name, anyone do this?
  3. NTP software does this with fpolicy, instead of using NTP Software, anyone use Enterprise Vault 8 for this?
  4. Any other approaches relating to group policy or something crazy I haven't thought of that is free?  Maybe some type of symbolic link or something?

Thanks guys, hopefully there's an answer to this one.




My advice: bite the bullet and convert (copy/move) everything to qtrees. I think if you access the root of the volume via CIFS you should be able to move an entire folder tree from the root of the volume into a new qtree in a matter of seconds?