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RPC Error with SnapDrive



I have installed SnapDrive on a Hyper-V cluster including four servers. On all servers we can see five LUN connected on the DSM Manager. But in SnapDrive do not appear all the disks.

Messages are registered in the events log, like" Failed to enumerate LUN " with the right path of the LUN and " the waiter(server) RPC is unavailable ".

All the servers are under W2008 R2 and up to date with the same configuration.
The version of Host utilities " Windows (R) Host Utilities 5.3.3508.1105", MPIO 3.3.1 X64, SnapDrive 6.2 X64.

Has anybody an idea?




I've seen this before.

RPC requires SMB. Make sure smb signing matches at both ends i.e. if its required at the client make sure its enabled at the filer

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did you define the authentication in the snapdrive settings ?


Are the servers registered in DNS?  When it comes to SnapDrive RPC errors are very common and there are many possible causes of the RPC errors.

Good starting place is whether the servers are registered in DNS and whether right access has been configured on the servers and storage controllers for SnapDrive to enumerate the LUNS.




As per the error "RPC unavailable" it can be that the storage system is unable to communicate with the host over RPC. You can try to change the communication protocol for that storage system to HTTP/ HTTPs with the correct authentication credentials and see if it enumerates the LUNs. This can be done from the "Change transport protocol settings " option on the SDW MMC.


Hi lschuberth,

some typical SD configuration errors:

are filer and HyperV Hosts in the same domain? Perhaps you need a direct access mapping.

Is SDuser a domain user and added in the local administrator group of every clusternode?

SDuser added to the storage system? "useradmin domainuser add SDuser -g Administrators"

Nessesary firewall ports open at each cluster node? Just adding the c:\programfilesblablabla\netapp\snapdrive\SWSvc.exe to the inbound and outbound rules at every node.

Thats it


All the controlers are in the same domain with the Hyper-V servers. I use a special account in AD avalaible in the administrators group on filers and servers.

I have tried many versions of Snapdrive 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3. I have diferents results, some times the SD shows 0, 2, or 4 LUN. If I look in the application log, for eatch LUN  unlisted there's a massage

Failed to enumerate LUN.
Device path: '\\?\mpio#disk&ven_netapp&prod_lun&rev_7320#1&7f6ac24&0&572d51414634573455753471#{53f56307-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b}'
Storage path: '/vol/HV_C/HV_C_lun'
SCSI address: (1,0,0,1)
Error code: 0x80004002
Error description: No such interface supported

But they appare in DMS.

And when i try to create a new disk, a message appaers " SnapDrive error, RPC server is unavailable"

I think the problem is between Windows and SD, but where ?


So you've set up firewall rules, windows user and the netapp user correctly? Thats strange.

Perhaps unmapp all luns manually and reconnecting it over snapdrive would help but I think this is not possible in your environment

Then you should open a case. Sorry!


I would suggest opening a support ticket so NGS can help you troubleshoot.  The "failed to enumerate" does sound like a dns or communication issue as many have noted here.

Try the following.

1.  Check DNS resolution on the host to storage and storage to host.  As you have 4 hyper-v nodes,  ensure that all ip addresses are properly resolved.

2.  Check the snapdrive preferred ip address setting and ensure you have the correct management ip on the arrays.

3.  Open a console to the storage array and try to create a disk.  You should be able to see any permission errors on the console if it happens to be a permissions problem.


I've experienced this in Windows 2008R2 when the firewall service is running (protection could be disabled but the service itself is still active). I've also experienced this when the server and array are separated by a firewall (like a PCI compliant zone). I'd recommend using a tool like NMAP to look at open ports. As a test, stop the firewall service from the Windows 2008R2 server and also try changing the snapdrive configuration to use HTTP or HTTPS - obviously, don't leave the configuration at HTTP or the firewall disabled but you can use it to troubleshoot.

Also, standard credential stuff:

  • Ensure that the user id is a local administrator
  • Make sure the ID has appropriate access to the filer (administrator or specific grants for RBAC)
  • I've seen some oddities using credentials across trusted domains - easiest way around this is to configure as passthrough account (same ID / password on the local SAM of the filer)


I've seen this before.

RPC requires SMB. Make sure smb signing matches at both ends i.e. if its required at the client make sure its enabled at the filer


Not resurrecting, just posting for anyone who found this page looking for this error.

I just got it on SnapDrive 6.5 Beta as well... Check your binding order. Make sure the NIC connecting to your Active Directory Domain is first on the list.


I just want to add a possible root cause if you have these kinds of error messages. A customer in the Belux ran into the same problem after the upgrade of Snapdrive to 6.4.2.

The root cause in that particular case was a time difference between Active Directory and the NetApp controller of more than 5 minutes.