Network and Storage Protocols

Netapp to VNX migration (file level)


Any suggestions on how best to configure the multi protocol file access. My client is moving data from netapp 3040 filer to vnx. The data is dedicated to NFS and CIFS, but some of it is accessed by both cifs and nfs users. any idea on how to migrate this particular mixed data and setting the ACL's? we are planning to use emcopy and rsync for the migrations.



Its pretty simple, but you need some prep work on vnx. You may opt to choose MPFS setup on the clients and on ur VNX. create mpfs bolumes share it using cifs and nfs and see the mpfs stats if the data is moving through mpfs. For that to be sucesful u need to install mpfs client software. You need to have the usermappers setup on your vnx and start testing from both the clients. Later on u can use emcopy or robocopy to start copying from netapp to vnx. You may use this link for reference