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File Level Restore Options on VMware

Guys, running an application on Vmware 6.5 U2 with VMFS backed by NetApp C mode 9.3 clusters. The application currently writes out a lot of files to a CIFS share. The reason this was done is so CIFS volume snapshots could be run regularly thus providing a file level restore capability if needed. Also, because this integrates with windows 'previous versions' the app admin can restore files without interaction with the storage admin. Now the problem is the latency of CIFS writes is becoming an issue. 


What options would there be to provide file level restore capability to the app admin on regular OS drive (backed obviously with a VDMK or Raw Device Mapping).  


Re: File Level Restore Options on VMware



Based on the info provided regarding the setup you have in your environment; if you are looking to be able to backup and perform file level restore for the app itself within VMware without having to go through the cifs process. You can use Snapcenter NetApp product that utilize a plugin on the VMware in able to perform backup and restore.


The link above cover how to restore guest file and folders from Vmdk.

You can get more information about Snapcenter by visiting the support NetApp page.


Let me know if this answer your question.



Re: File Level Restore Options on VMware

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Does that solution using change block tracking in VMware i.e. how scalable is it if I was taking snaps every 15 mins?

Re: File Level Restore Options on VMware

Snapcenter will be taking snapshot of the volume where your VM(app) reside, so no change in concept. You can schedule backup every 15 min, hourly weekly or monthly.


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