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Restoring backup image directly to /vol/vol0 by ndmp



I'm taking backup of vol0 by volume SnapMirror and NDMP.

In this situation, is it possiblle to restore the backup image of vol0 directly to /vol/vol0?

By using "snapmirror resync" command or ndmp restore function of a backup software,

I want to retore the backup image directly to /vol/vol0.

Is there any good way to do this?

Data ONTAP 8.0.1P3 is running on the node.

Thank you in advance.



It would be easier to use a local snapshot to restore vol0:

find the snap that fulfills your demands via

snap list vol0

let's say nightly.2 is what you need

snap restore vol0 -s nightly.2

If there is a snapmirror relation you will see the last common snapmirror snapshot as well. Its name is something like <filername(serialnumber)>_<volname>.<#_of_snapmirror_update>

If this is a valid state of data you can use this snapshot as well.

This will be pretty fast and the filer will be rebooting.

If you are forced to do a restore from snapmirror, I would not bother break the snapmirror, then resync in opposite direction, then break mirror again, then resync once more in opposite direction to get back to normal state.

I would let snapmirror keep running and

1.mount the root share /vol/vol0 and the snapmirror destination on a UNIX machine (or use CIFS C$ Share, create a share on the snapmirror destination and connect both on a Windows host)

2.rename the original source /vol/vol0/etc to etc_old

3.copy the whole /etc from the snapmirror destination to /vol/vol0 (resp C$ Share)

4.reboot the filer

If you are content with the result, you can delete etc_old




I would simply cascade the vol0 snapmirror back to original filer as vol0_new, once in sync break mirror and rename vol0 to vol0_old and vol0_new to vol0 then use vol options vol0 root command to boot from retsored vol0 and reboot.  But then I like snapmirror and dont like UNIX much.