Network and Storage Protocols

S500 shares


I am trying to access the shares to manage them and perhaps add additional shares at some point in time.

Everytime I try and access the share in the S500 Netapp software, it keeps telling me :


Logon Faulure: unknown user name or bad password.

I am logged in as admin, what user name password is it looking for??

This unit was setup by a previous admin who has since vanished, so I am unable to get any answers from him.

Also, although this unit is a few years old, is there any software updates??

Current Versions:

Store Vault Manager - V2.1.00000

Software NetApp Release: - 7.0.3S5

Thanks for the help




You'll want to login with Active Directory credentials for CIFS shares.

The latest version for StoreVault is 3.2.2 which is later than what you're running.....details on it here.


Hello Andrew,

Thanks for the info regarding software updates. I was looking at that page already but was not sure if that was indeed the right versions for the S500. Tks for confirming.

I hope to update the software as soon as i can.

In fact I may have to sooner than later as I have a strange situtation with the CIFS shares.

As you mention, I need to authenticate using AD credentials. Great........... if I only could!!

The wierd thing is: When I use Windows Explorer to navigate to the Storevault share, I right click, but there is no Menu stating "Storevault Sharing", nor any setting pertaining to making folders "shared" as well as the user name and password settings.

There is NO "Storevault Sharing" in the context menu.If I look at the properties of the shared folder I do have all other TABS. Eg: General,Security,Prev Version, and Customize. Storevault Shares tab is NOT there.

Any hints as to why??

I think this is attributing to the fact that by backup software is trying to authenticate to the share, but fails. And I see no place where I can edit the credentials.

As per the manual, the default user name is "root". I could probably guess the password, as long as the previous admin didn't change the ROOT user name.

Any way to confirm the user "root" as still be valid??




I am looking for StoraVault Manager only, but I get an Access Denied.  I tried calling support and they can't provided it either unless I can talk to a sales rep.

The server that I managed my S500 from crashed, in the process loosing Manager.

Anyway other than talking to a sales rep that I can get this software?