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I have a 1TB FAS250, that was migrated from another domain and was set up and configured on my domain, keeping the files from the previous domain intact. Everything worked fine, I renamed the CIFS share and readded the filer to my domain. When accessing the share folder from the run command, the only users that have admin rights are the domain admins from the previous domain. Is there a way to change these rights assignements and keep the previous files intact. I have added my self to the ACL for the share itself in CIFS management but these rights do not show up on the shared drive itself.



You want to adjust the members of the LOCAL Administrators group on the FAS250. The easiest way to do this is to log into a WIndows server as a domain admin in the old domain. Then use your Windows Admin tools to connect to the FAS250 and adjust the local Administrators group accordingly (add or delete members as needed).