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Who has the right to keep....?



Since I still cannot access support for obvious reasons below, I have a question directed for all.

My current company used to have an application solution provided by a third party entity. Part of the solution was to purchase the FAS270 and DS14 appliances for obvious reasons.

The third party provider had to go since their contract and services already expired.

Now the question is, as far as Net App is concerned, who has the right to keep the "license codes" of the machine being purchase for the solution?

Are "license codes" binded together with the purchased machines or appliances?


Is it a separate purchase that can be re-use as part of a consulting and / or professional service?

Hope someone can shed some light on this matter.

Thanks very much in advance.

All the best,





I am sorry that you are not able to access support. I will make sure the right people get alerted.

Thanks for joining the community. Look forward to hearing more from you.



I don't believe the support contracts are transferrable. So you can use the licenses legally but support/upgrades/etc. are a different story. HOWEVER, I would talk to your local NTAP team about your options. They have the latest and most accurate information about these things.


Hi John & Adam,

Thanks very much for the tidbits and assistance.

I understand pretty much about what you mean on support/upgrade, that is why we need to know the status and the options that we have for our issue.

I already initiated contact w/ support and I was informed that the appliance was owned/licensed by someone else and their agreement has already expired. That is why i raised this inquiry in the first place beacuse they (support) just stop there.

We need to know what we really have (previous licenses, agreement, etc) and what we can do for these machines at the moment.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have my rerasons to believed that these machines were never used here and was just sitting in one place.

Like for example, as what I previously provided thru the output file, it suggested that an NFS License is availabe or was pushed on the machine. And if my understanding is correct that NFS setup or license is for UNIX based clients, then obviously as far as this organization is concern it was never used, becuase this is a 95 to 99 percent windows environment......maybe even 100% coz I haven't done a full assessment yet.

Anyways, ill be looking forward and be able to talk to the right channel and hope they can help us iron this thing out.

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that this is (or I am are here in) Afghanistan, so there's no other way but to contact directly the vendor. I have no idea if there exist a Net App partner nearby.

Many thanks once again for all the assistance that you have extended.

All the best,



Hi Adam and John,

Just would like to update you that as of today I was referred to someone inside NetApp. Name is Greg Owen...hope he exist...

Once again, thanks a lot guys for the assistance.

All the best,



Hi everyone,

You will be able to re-certify the hardware and purchase a support agreement. However, software licenses are non-transferrable per our standard Terms & Conditions. Unless there are some circumstances I am not seeing, you would be required to purchase new software licenses, along with a software subscription plan.

I hope this helps.