Network and Storage Protocols

SMVI, NDMPcopy and DataDomain



We currently onw a 2050c and use it primarily with vSphere as a storage target.  We also have smvi to back up and restore our virtual servers.  I'd like to use NDMPcopy to move our NFS stores to a Datadomain device (archive) via  script but wonder how NDMPcopy manages the snapshots that are created with smvi and how I could restore from archive for policy reasons or if the filer bit the dust and needs some major restoration.

Has anyone done this and would it even work?





Should be'll just need a backup server in the picture. Basically the data flow will be NetApp (pick an SMVI snapshot to get a nice consistent backup data source) --> Backup Server with NDMP capability (i.e. Backup Exec, NetBackup, etc.) --> Data Domain. You will have to pick up entire volumes due to how NDMP works.

NDMPcopy isn't in the picture here actually in this scenario.


Like Andrew said, the DD Appliance won't work with ndmpcopy, but can be an ndmp target using ndmp backup software.  Most NetApp/DD integration is done by FC attaching the two appliances (VTL, not NFS on the it works as virtual tape).  It would work as nfs too, but in my experience I see VTL typically and it works well.  If you don't have a free FC port on the 2050, then you would need to add an HBA to the 2050 or ndmp over the network.