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Share permissions


All of my shares are inheriting incorrect security permissions from a parent folder. I need to know how/where to reset the security permissions. I am using CIFS.



If you type the command

cifs shares

It will list all your shares and the permissions.

Have a peak at this page

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I guess I need to be a little more clear on what I am trying to do. I have multiple shares that have inherited incorrect security permissions and I need to find the root of where they are inheriting them from and change it.

Connect with computer management to antother computer from your windows 2003/windows 2008.

Or just start MMC from your start menu (start|run|mmc enter). Add a snapin called computermanagement and connect to your netapp. (choose another computer and type the name of the netapp where your cifs resides) This is just like when you want to connect to another 2003/8 server with computer management snapin.

Open system tools and click shares. Now you can edit them.


As an example: I have a share "C:\VOL\VOL1\Share". Using Computer Management I can manage the permissions on the "Share" folder but I can not access or modify the security on either the "VOL" share or the "VOL1" share. Ideally I would like to set the security on the "VOL1" share. Thanks for all the help so far.