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SnapShot copies without SnapRestore license


Noob question,

What is the purpose of SnapShot copies if you don't have a SnapRestore license? Is there a way to recover a volume from a SnapShot without a SnapRestore license?




You should have snaprestore and snapdrive licenses to efficiently manage the restoration. 

You must purchase and install the snaprestore license code to enable and use the SnapRestore service.

Manual restoration:

# pwd


# ls –l

\\storageIP\cifshare\~snapshot (you also can see this from widows shadow copy – previous versions)
Note: Snapshot directories are hidden on Windows clients. To view them, you must first configure the File Managerto display hidden files, then navigate to the root of the CIFS share and find the directory folder.

You can copy (don’t delete or move) particular file from snapshort copies and paste to your target location. Note: this will work on single file/folder restoration. Restoration of OS image (VMDK, VHD) may not work due to inconsistency. You need host aware application such as SnapDrive or  Backupexe, Acronics etv virtual agent base restoration applications.


You always can access previous snapshots and manually copy data from them. How exactly depends on which protocol you use to access filer. E.g. if you are using CIFS, you can use standard Windows feature Previous Versions to access snapshots.