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Cannot see NetApp snapshots in Windows 7 previous version tab.


I have problem to access NetApp snapshots on Windows 7 in “previous version tab” and anyone has this experience? Do I need to configure anything in OnTap to make this works?



You won't see this if your workstation accesses the share over CIFS. Previous versions can be seen on a Windows server in a SAN environment, when SnapDirve comes into play & does VSS integration.

In a file sharing environment you can always navigate from any client to ~snapshot subdirectory of the share in question & you will see all the snapshots taken of that volume.

The thing you can change on the filer side is whether that subdirectory will be explicitly visible, or hidden (yet still accessible if a person knows what to type in address field ). You do that by ticking / unticking the box in FilerView.




That is not true.  You can use the "Previous Versions" tab via CIFS and it will use NTAP snapshots.  If you are not seeing this with Windows 7, you should open a support case.  I'm not sure if there are issues with Windows 7 specifically, but that's what support should know.


Hi Adam,

Yeah, you're obviously right & I was talking rubbish - previous versions *are* (normally) seen from Windows client without any special tweaking.

What I am not sure though is whether a trouble with Windows 7 is eligible for opening a support case, as the product hasn't been officially launched yet.




You DO have snapshots set to visible don't you?

Silly question but just checking.



It's exactly the same for me.

I do have a previous version on a Windows 2003 Server, nothing on my Windows 7 for the same file.

Any body for more info ?



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It looks like the issue has nothing to do with NetApp as such and is fairly common across both Vista & Windows 7.

This (apparently) can be cured via registry fix:



I do see the Previous Version Tab in Properties.

My problem is that it is totaly empty, I can't see any the snapshots in this tab. I can see them with win XP


OK, so here is a bunch of other pre-requisites on the OS side to make shadow copies enabled:

- [edit: this is irrelevant, as the whole point is to see NetApp snapshots, not the ones created by OS] System Restore must be turned on (definitely exists in Win7, not sure about 2008)
- Services:
    * Volume Shadow Copy
    * Server
    * TCP/IP NetBios Helper
    * Workstation


We have the same problem here with windows7 ultimate or enterprise rtm, cannot see any snapshot in previous tab, it's working on an xp virtual machine on windows7 all services are up and working. fillers are on Data ONTAP Release


Most of us will have to upgrade their OnTap version. Bummer. I just upgraded to


It seems that only Windows 7 is presenting this behavior. I am able to see the snapshots in all other flavors of Windows (including Server 2008). Now Windows 7 comes with it's on flavor of back up and previous version management but as far as I can tell those only work for local drives. The trick is that Windows 7 seem to be piping the "previous version" management all through that. I reported this issue when I was beta testing the OS but evidently it hasn't been addressed. We are planning on rolling out Windows 7 to all desktops next year and this will definitely be a deterrent.


Erk....not cool at all but very good to be aware of as I'm talking with customers.


Is netapp working to fix this problem?  We are just implementing our netapp server here and we are also looking at using windows 7 fairly soon (early next year)


I have the same issue? Did you ever get an answer?  We have a netapp filer also.  Is it something I have to fix on the NetApp or Windows 7?


Hello there.

did you received any solution yet?

having the same issue here.


Netapp Support has confirmed that this is a problem and has opened a BURT for it (BURT 373136). I suggest you open a case with Netapp Support and ask to attach it to this BURT.




Netapp Support sent me the following update for BURT 373136:

Title: Previous versions tab does not list entries on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Description: When Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 clients are used to access cifs shares on the storage system using SMB 1.0, the Previous versions tab on files or folder properties fails to list any previous versions.

Workaround: Enable SMB 2.0 on the Data Ontap versions that support SMB 2.0, to access previous versions using Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 clients.

There will be NO workaround for SMB 1.0, so SMB 2.0 will be a requirement for using the previous versions tab in these operating systems. I have not been able to verify this, as I am waiting for DataOntap 7.3.2 to become GA in the next days or weeks before upgrading to a SMB 2.0 compatible DO version.




Just curious if you've tried this..... (given 7.3.2 went GA about 2 weeks ago)


Hi Andrew,

I have 7.3.2 running at a customer since the day it came out as GA. It is indeed confirmed that SMB 2.0 solves the Previous tab problem in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Off course just an upgrade is not enough, you also need to enable SMB 2.0 after the upgrade. I didn't have any further issues with SMB 2.0 enabled in a mixed environment of about 1000 clients running XP and 7 and also windows servers from 2000 till 2008 R2.




I'd like to see some confirmation that this is addressed in earlier versions of 7.3 (such as as long as SMB 2.0 is enabled or is there some specific fix in 7.3.2, plus enabling SMB 2.0, that is required in order to provide this functionality.