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Symlink updates on moved volumes?



I have a volume on aggregate2, which I plan on moving to aggregate1 on the same filer. My concern is that there is another volume on aggregate2 that is symlinked (is that even a word ).

If I move the volume will the symlink dynamilcaly update?

Do I need to delete the Symlink & recreate?

If it is the latter can anybody share their tried & procen processes?

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thank you,




Please show example of these symlinks (commands and output or at least screenshot). So far I do not understand the question to be honest. If you speak about Unix symlinks, they are entirely client question. As long as volume will be mounted on the same mount point on client, everything will be fine.


The symlink was created using NTAP-SYMLINK which is a utility (previously) available on the Utility Toolchest & is run from a windows command line.

ntap-symlink FILERNAME /vol/redirect/FOLDER /vol/VOLUMENAME1/Sym-FOLDER

The following entry is added to the symlink.translations file in the etc folder.

widelink /vol/redirect/Sym-FOLDER/* \\FILERNAME\VOLUMENAME2\FOLDER\*

Sorry if I am a little vague, but thanks again for any assistance.