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Synchronized CIFS shares


Hello NetApp community,


as I'm new to NetApp I hope you can help me.
I would like to setup a synchronized clone of a given CIFS share.
So when I add one file on CIFS share A, this file should also be on volume B (maybe after a few seconds).
Is there any technology from NetApp that I can use to achive this?

The purpose behind it:
I have a programm that writes to one given cifs share.
As I need to switch to a new share in a few days, I would like to do this relatively seamless.
My idea is to setup a seconds share, which holds the same amount of data.
Later on I will split the old share and work on the new one.

Is this a proper way to do this?

Thank you and best regards!
Robin Sures



Hi @Naveenpusuluru,

ok thank you.

I will have a look.

Best regards!
Robin Sures


Note that with a load sharing mirror, the volume is in the name space read if you have a LIF on the node with the LS mirror you will not be able to write to the volume... the mirror is also async so needs to be on a schedule... You might want to run DP mirrors on this then users will always be on the write version of the volume.  Another option might be Peer Software... PeerLink if you need file locking and want to have both synchronized volumes writable together... but if planning a cutover then snapmirror is easy and probably the best fit.