Network and Storage Protocols

Nsanity Not collecting data


  I am trying to run the Nsanity tool(1.2.14) against our cluster mode filers(8.3.2P1)  When we had a 7Mode cluster it was fairly simple to run against.  Using the format C:\nsanity ontap://admin:*@filername  Returns an "unable to determine Data Ontap version"  It looks like it continues to complete data collection, but just produces a nearly empty file with no diagnostic stats.      Ive confirmed the filers admin account has an unlocked status for ontapi "see attached" and we use system manager daily so webservices seem to run fine.  I've looked through the documentation but im not seeing what Im missing.  Any help would be appreciated.



I fugured it out!..commaand line nsanity does not run against 8.3 and above.