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Unable to store Roaming Profiles on filer Cifs?


Im trying to store my users ts roaming profiles on our new filer as a basic share \\filer\tsprofiles, updated a test gpo to enforce this but when my test account attempts to log on it continually receives a 'roaming profile not found error'.

I originally had the location for the ts profiles shared under the existing \\filer\usershome share, copied all the existing ts profile folders in using robocopy to ensure ntfs permissions carried, which does work, so long as the users ts folder is pre created, if we get a new user they are unable to log onto our ts environment until we manually go into the ts dir and create a user.DOMAIN folder for them. Traditionally under a windows host if the users ts profile dir does not exist it will be automatically created.

Today i have been through a series of tests, creating a share / setting permissions / updating test gpo / updating applied gpos to the server / rsop.msc to ensure the new location has set, so much so that i have now created a small volume, shared it at the root, given everyone full access at both the share and file levels, yet i still get the 'roaming profile not found error'. If i manually type the specified ts share on the ts server it works no problems, we currently have any number of additional cifs shares that function on the same aggr no problems.

Has anyone come across this before or can point me in the direction of where to start looking?

Cheers - Ben



Hi Ben

Were you able to find a sollution to this problem? I'm having the exact same issue.

Thanks - Jørn