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Using NetShareGetInfo Win32 Api to obtain CIFS share information


I need to use the Win32 NetShareGetInfo api to obtain a CIFS share definition

on the filer and for various reasons in isn't convenient for me to use the ONTAP

api to obtain the information.


An example of calling the api is:

/*=== Get actual path defined on remote machine ===*/

result = NetShareGetInfo(hostName , /* remote server */

shareName , /* share name */

502 , /* level of share info */

(LPBYTE *)&shi502P /* pointer to buffer address */



The api works inconstantly with shares mapped to various filers with both

a local filer root user and with a domain admin user.

When the api fails it returns a result code of 1003 which I cannot find documented

anywhere in the Microsoft SDK documentation.


Any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated.



Hi Frank:

I have two pieces of information for you, but I doubt either is going to help much (if at all):

(1) A "1003" means "ERROR_CAN_NOT_COMPLETE".

(2) I've used NetShareGetInfo quite a bit, and haven't had any problems with it.



Hi Frank,

I am having same issue. Did you get any information on this?  I am using NetgetShareInfo to get share info on netapp server but it is failing on some of the shares (Not all shares) and it is returning "(1003) Cannot complete this function".

Any idea/suggestions, please.