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Volume Missing Space


I am fairly new to the management of our NetApp System.

One thing I found is that it looks like we are missing some space on one of our volumes.

In the OnCommand System Manager, when I select this specific Volume thestatistics show as this:

Total Space 1.7 TB

Available Space 72.99 GB

%Used 95

Thin Provisioned - Yes

Under Space Allocation -


Total Space = 1.58 TB

Snapshot Reserver = 121.8 GB


Data Space: 72.99 GB

Snapshot Reserver: 102.19 GB

Total 175.18 GB


Data Space: 871.2 GB

Snapshot Copies Space: 19.61 GB

Total : 890.81 GB

From this it looks like I am missing arouns 580 GB somewhere.

I have a 1.7TB Volume, 871.2 GB Used, 19.61 GB for Snapshot = Total 890.81 GB.

On the filer when I run the following command ( df -hr WindowsCIFS )

I get the following result :

Filesystem               total       used      avail   reserved  Mounted on
/vol/WindowsCIFS/       1618GB      871GB       73GB        0KB  /vol/WindowsCIFS/
/vol/WindowsCIFS/.snapshot      121GB       19GB      102GB        0KB  /vol/WindowsCIFS/.snapshot

Any idea why my available space is only 73 GB? It seems it should be much much more.



Is this the only volume on the system, what does df -Ag show?

- Scott


Seeing as you are using thin provisioning I am assuming that you are also using fractional reserve.

Take a look at these articles and see if they help explain where your space went.

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