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Volume replication



Is there any way  to replicate two NFS volumes on different controllers without using snapmirror ?

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For backup purposes there is also SnapVault which is also licensed... or a one time copy you can use vol copy or ndmpcopy (supports level 0,1,2 - so not unlimited but a couple updates after baseline).. or from a host using rsync.


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Sorry , but I forgot to mention, the size of the volumes is 2 TB and they must be replicated everyday at 01:00 AM.

There is any solution  without using snapmirror or snapvault ?


Natively in OnTap with automation and block level updates snapmirror and snapvault. Volume snapmirror keeps source storage efficiency too ..dedup and compression with the replication. Worth negotiating to get the license or a free demo key to test it out.


use the snapprotect or commvault which is versatile backup solution for netapp and non-netapp products.

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The replication is Netapp to Netapp? Unstructured data or any databae or open file?


The volumes to be replicated are in the same FAS2240.

Now I am using snapmirror, but the trial license is about to expire.

I am looking for other alternatives, since the customer don't want to spend money in a snapmirror license.

The data in the source volume is just plain files (medical imageology files).


What are the business goals?

Do you need replication or backup? Is this a selling or technical issue?

WIll the replicated data just seat there as a backup or will they be used in parallel with the source data?

You should talk with the customer to find out what they really need. Snapmirror is not too expensive and is very useful. They will not regret it.

For replication and since it is files you can use robocopy or rsync (for Unix). Setup a schedule with robocopy with the proper options (logically /MIR).

What are they using currently for backup?