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Which fiber switch to buy?


We currently have two windows hosts using QLogic QLE2460's directly plugged into our NetApp filers. Each host has an active/passive connection to the alternate filer. We are now in the position of adding our 3rd fiber connected host and need to move to a fabric environment. I am looking for advice from users for brand and models of switch to purchase. I think we will perhaps have at most 4 fiber connect hosts. I was hoping to increase the bandwidth from host to filer buy making both FC cards active/multipath and of course increasing the number of connections from switch to filer as well. So from the get go, we would have 3 hosts x two 4gbit each, and 2 filers with two x 4gbit each, thus a total of 10 ports. Any advice appreciated...



The McData used to be very nice but they were purchased by Brocade in 2006.  I have now learnt the Brocade product lines and have some enterprise and entry level switches which are very nice.  The business is talking about Cisco but I like the Brocades as the network team are afraid of them and will not touch them.  Which has to be a good thing with your storage infrastructure!  NetApp only support specific fabric so be sure you do not make you SAN unsupported.

Hope this helps