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Write permission on CIFS share not working



I have a user on NetApp that's part of the PowerUsers group. I created a CIFS share that has that user and he has full access. But no matter what I try I can't write to that share when connected with this user from a Windows 2003 machine. I even tried adding Everyone with Full access to this share, but it still doesn't work. Only way I can get it working if I add this user to Administrators group.  But I don't want that user to be able to login and manage NetApp.  Another idea I had was to modify Power Users gorup and make similar to Administrators with exception of ssh/web login, but not sure how to do that.

Is there some "options" settings that might be preventing user from writing to this share?



Hi welcome to the community.

Sounds like CIFS permissions issue.  Do you have NFS of this filer?  Check to see what the qtree security type is set to.  This has caused me issues in the past.

Hope it helps