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root aggr and DFM



One of my customer is in the process of integrating DFM to thier exsiting filer environment.

They have 2 aggrs, when tried to provision a NFS share always one of the Aggr is coming with a RED Corss on it (Basically DFM can not use it).

Both the Aggrs are having free space and is having provisioned NFS and iSCSI data sets

Only difference is the Aggr skipped is the root aggregate,since I do not have much exposure to DFM I am checking with you if that is the case.

(ie DFM by default will not use root aggregate for provisioning any new volumes/LUNs ?)




     Provisioning manager has no rule of not selecting root aggr (aggr0) for provisioning, if the required conditions are met could select it.

Now for your case, Free space is not the only condition needed for provisioning, its should meet all conditions of your policy, your aggr overcommitment %, licenses, etc. If both your aggr are shown as  RED crossed, try the automatic resource selection radio button at the provisioning page and go to the next step. The next step will fail and will exactly point out the reason for Provisioning Manager (or DFM) not selecting any of the 2 aggrs.

Can you paste this dry-run result( copy to clipboard and let us know)? With that the real cause can be pointed out.

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