Network and Storage Protocols

how to reduce multi path to one?


I help cumsomer to create the sam enviroment,

it's have full path,

two fas2040 controllers,two san switchs,to HBAs,

my operation system is windows server 2008 R2,

I install the Multi-Path I/O item in "function",

and I have to try to reboot,

but I always see four path,

andbody can help me to resolve?

please and thanks very much~



This sounds like a support related question. If you have an active NetApp Support login, there are subject matter experts in the NetApp Support Community that may help answer your questions.




If you want to get single path then,it can be done either by disabling the HBA(through device manager),disabling the Switch ports or by disabling the Controller ports etc.But I think your question is that after installing the Multipath and rebooting you are still seeing the 4 paths.That should be fine to have since Multipath driver

would have created a Virtual LUN for the 4 physical disk objects that are seen from the 4 paths for the same LUN and it hides these 4 disk objects from the disk subsystem/file manager.


This is fine, as two paths should be seen as 'optimized' - going through the NetApp controller owning the LUN, and two additional as 'unoptimized' - going through the other controller & cluster interconnect to the same LUN.

Your multipathing should be configured to use ALUA (Asymmetric Logical Unit Access):