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Network and Storage Protocols

joining AD


hi ,

we have AD resync and all child AD were sync to new time on the forest, now in many station on filer these messages appear

kern.cron.reschedDst rescheduling monitor to run

kern.cron.reschedDst rescheduling raid_scrub_admin to run

kern.cron.reschedDst rescheduling dense_admin to run

kern.cron.reschedDst rescheduling replica_admin to run




. now time day light time is changed by one hour and time on DAtafort(we are using decru) is fieerent

i.e on AD and Decru time is 1200hrs and on both cluster filers time is 1300 hrs and both filers are joining domai n so when i changed the time of both filer to 1200hrs so

it disconnected from domain so don't know why and how can i rejoin the domain and i dont find any command other thyen running cifs setup again

plz guide in this regard




If you set the timezone correctly on your NetApp (I use "Europe/Berlin" for example) it should get DST time right.

Use the "timezone" command for that (or FilerView, System Manager, etc.)



Hi gents,

Check this link out about configuring CIFS, I know it is Data ONTAP 7.1 but I am pretty sure the prerequisites still apply. The document goes into a lot of detail around configuring AD and connecting the filer. I think you are probably hitting the old "your time is more than 5 minutes out of sync" issue. This means client authentication attempts to the filer may fail. Recommend using NTP time too if you can, this way your filers and AD servers get their time from the same source.