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lock command on special characters?



I have a customer that uses a lot of special characters as it´s part of our language.

Such as Å, Ä and Ö (Swedish language)

Sometimes I get a request to check and break locks on files.

to do so you would need to specify the correct path, for exampel

filer> lock status -p cifs -f /vol/volname/qtree/file.xls

So here´s my problem.

My filer presents these characters as different characters.

For exampel, if a folder is named "UMEÅ" , with an Å.. when I do ls (in priv set advanced) it presents the folder as UMEà , with this strange à character.

But I can´t do ls on that folder even if I use the same format that the filer presents it with..

If I do:

filer> ls /vol/volname/UMEÅ 

I´ll get : Can't open directory: No such file or directory

Same if I do

filer> ls /vol/volname/UMEÃ (the same way the filer presents it with ls)

I still get : Can't open directory: No such file or directory

On some folders there are no problem, even if it presents them with the wrong special character.

But on some folders there are this problem.

Is there a workaround?