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nfs gets hung while remounting on Suse linux


Good day everyone 


We have situation where one of our vfiler has many exports to different subnet with huge capacity of volumes/qtrees but  mostly for unix 

one such qtree  has been exported using a different name with the actual path like  below 


 abcd -actual=/vol/myexport/abcd,sec=sys,rw=,root=


it was mounted 100+ Suse clients 

once there was takeover/giveback in the filer side ....all mounts got hung and somehow it was unmounted from the os side ..and couples of them used automount so it was already unmount situation

now problem is 

whereever this "acbd" was mounted before ...remounting can not be done with TCP and gets hung at UDP port 4046 and comes out after sometimes "timeout" error

some clinet it can be remounted using V2 with tcp

and if we use UDP ..then it can be remounted anywhere

so 100+ clients are affected with same issue 


but it is a new client where it was not mounted before TO/GB works fine  .with NFSV3 ...

does anyone has any clue on this ? or face same issue ? 


note :


on the same clinet ...there are multiple exports are  mounted from same vfilers and working fine 

7mode -8.2.3P2

metro cluster