Network and Storage Protocols

setfacl and NFS


Does anybody know if the Solaris setfacl command is supported on NFS v3 on NetApp storage. The docs appear to state its an NFS v4 only thing but its been supported on Solaris based NFS since around 2.8 so I'm suprised NetApp havent got this feature.



The setfacl is a very Solaris file system specific call (along with its cousin, getfacl). As such, both the server AND the client had to be solaris. True SUN did have support for POSIX ACLs since 2.5.1 days for UFS. The sideband protocol added POSIX ACLs support to Solaris 2.5.1, IIRC.

Having said that, please note that those ACLs are now pretty much dead. Solaris ZFS does NOT support those, 'cause it uses the new NFSv4 ACLs, which is now a standard. NetApp supports NFSv4 ACLs.   If you need ACLs, go NFSv4 style.


Thanks for the detailed response