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vFiler NFS export


Hi all

I’m currentlyconfiguring a FAS2020 with vFilers vor NFS use. I created a vFiler and allowednfs as protocol:

vFiler2                          running
   ipspace: default-ipspace
   IP address: x.x.x.x [vif01]
   IP address: x.x.x.x [vif01]
   Path: /vol/vFiler2Vol0 [/etc]
   Path: /vol/vFiler2Vol1
   Protocols allowed: 1
   Allowed: proto=nfs
   Protocols disallowed: 6
   Disallowed: proto=rsh
   Disallowed: proto=ssh
   Disallowed: proto=cifs
   Disallowed: proto=iscsi
   Disallowed: proto=ftp
   Disallowed: proto=http

AfterwardsI did an export

/vol/vFiler2Vol1        -sec=sys,rw

On thevFiler0 are al protocols allowed. Unfortunately a client can’t mount the nfsexprt. There is a timeout message. vFiler IP is pingable.

Do I forgetsomething?




It sounds like the export might not be in the vfiler... vfiler0 can see the volumes but can't export nfs.  Is the export in the exports file in the vfiler?  For example, "rdfile /vol/vFiler2Vol0/etc/exports" to check... or "vfiler run * exportfs" to check exports.  You can showmount -e vfilerIP from the client too..


Sorry, I didn't mentioned. Before the fsexport command, I did a vfiler context vFiler2

Output of your command:

rdfile /vol/vFiler2Vol0/etc/exports

#Auto-generated by setup Fri Jul  8 19:47:26 CEST 2011

/vol/vFiler2Vol0        -sec=sys,rw,anon=0

/vol/vFiler2Vol1        -sec=sys,rw


does showmount -e vfilerIP on the host show the mounts?  You might want to check the nfs options in the vfiler too... also might want to grand root=accss to Filer2Vol1... although anon=0 for Vol0 will give all access to root.


When the client tried to connect to nfs there was amessage in the syslog of the storage: NFSv4 response to client x.x.x.x. for volume 0x2 was slow, 761 > 60 (in seconds). Is it possible that it is caused by a time drift.

Fortunately nfs is now for this vfiler working.

[root@localhost /]# showmount -e x.x.x.x

Export list for x.x.x.x

/vol/vFiler2Vol1 (everyone)


Hello Team,

i have a similar issue mounting vfiler volume export to linux client.

i have the entry in my rdfile of the linux host: /vol/ns14vf002_vol0/etc/exports

/vol/vol_tspal106_KPP/q_sysfiles_KPP    -sec=sys,rw=tspal103.tst.mycorp:lspal103

after saving this file and doing exportfs -av

i cannot mount on linux , i always get permission denied and showmount -a vfiler is not showing the entry from this.

Any ideas...

let me know..since this is multistore volume i cannot see or change exports from Filer web view only i can do thrugh rdfile and wrfile comamnds.

let me know


has to be network or something blocking it... showmount -e will report the mounts if exported...did you get it working or have a case opened?



Hi  murthy,


if you export the vol with root permission you wil not get permission denied issue  i hope.




Please follow the bellow steps.


1. You need to add the volume to the vfiler resourse list.


vfiler add vfilername path


2. vfiler run vfilername exportfs -p rw=serverip,root=serverip path


3. vfiler run vfiler name exportfs -a



Hope this will help u


check the qtree and volume security style.