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7-Mode transition to cDot - multiple user home locations


We have some users who have multiple home folders on different vFilers in 7-Mode.  When we transition to cDot there will be only 1 home folder for each user.  I’m trying to find out what will happen when we transition…  Will one folder over-write the other?  See attached diagram.


Thanks so much -


FAS6280 - 8.2.3P6 7-Mode



How do users have multiple home drives.. AD only has one path, so which one maps.. 


Here is an example of one user who has 2 home folders.  one folder on vfiler1 is an NFS export and the other one on vfiler2 is NTFS,




Some users will have a NFS home folder and a NTFS folder with the same name.  In this case the folders are on different vfilers, however, there could be some on the same vfiler.  Another case would be a user would have two NTFS home folders, one in a legacy home folder located in a project folder, like in the example above, and one in a "home" volume.





If your source has 2 vfilers and that configuration works now, just transition to 2 SVMs.  One for the old vfiler1, one for the old vfiler2.  


If your source is a single vfiler, then after cutover make sure the CIFS path is first in the home directory search list.  


Configure your transition project to keep the 7mode mount paths.  Inspect the clients that fall into this use case and determine what mechanism they use for finding their home directories in the current state.  Understanding how it works now is key to making it work after transition.  


Include a test for this scenario in your transition pilot project to verify the correct client mounts the correct home directory post cutover, and be sure to document any post-cutover steps that need to be performed to configure home directory behaviour in your environment.   







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That would have been my other guess..



Nothing is going to change.. One for NFS and one for CIFS.. 

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