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7 mode Cascade snapvault-snapmirror relationship


Hi All,


Currently i am having a snapvault relationship between system A and system B. Problem is i do not have space left on system B so i need to move some of volumes from system B to system C (i have enough space on system C) with all existing snapshots using snapmirror and then reestablish a snapvault relationship between system A and system C. I am running 7 mode 8.2.x on all three systems. 


But when i am initializing snapmirror relationship between system B and system C i am getting below error. 


"Transfer aborted: a replicated qtree cannot be a replication source."


I believe this configuration is supported but not sure what i am missing. So can you please help.


Thanks in advance. 





There could be only one file based replication (Qtree snapmirror and snapvault) relationship in a cascade chain.

hence, as the article @aborzenkov  added, you require using volume snapmirror to do this migration.

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


I guess this is understood: Only one SnapVault relationship is supported in a cascade chain, however multiple mirror relationships are supported.


I think the user is doing : A --> Vault --B --Intends to do Mirror --> C (Should be ok). As long as he is not providing qtree as replication dataset which could be the reason for that error.


However, if user will be able to re-establish vault between A to C is something I am not sure, and that's why I think Aborzenkov's Technote looks appropriate to me, as it says - Scenario 2 : If moving individual Qtree SnapMirror, SnapVault, or OSSV destination qtrees from one destination volume to another.  That is what user's ultimate goal I thought : As the user is running out of storage on System B.

@Hitesh123: Could you clarify that?

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