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7-mode command to show 32-bit snapshots


We are panning for upgrade from 7-mode Data Ontap 8.1.4P4 to 8.2.4P6. I have generated upgrade adviser and looks fine.


But my filers contain 32-bit aggregates. My query is, upgrade adviser did not suggested to upgrade aggr to 64-bit. Other than benifits with 64-bit aggr, Can I ignore upgrading 32-bit aggr.

If yes I can go ahead with Data Ontap upgrade as usual right.

if not, obviously I have to update 32-bit aggr.




Re: 7-mode command to show 32-bit snapshots


snap list -fs-block-format



I would suggest upgrading to 64 bit if you plan on in the future doing tdp mirrors to cdot.


Plus 64-bit is wave of future 🙂

Re: 7-mode command to show 32-bit snapshots




The following TR has about the most in-depth discussion I've seen about 32/64-bit aggregates:




The bottom of page 8 has a "benefits of 64-bit" section and there's also good background information on requirements, procedures, etc.


Since 32-bit support doesn't drop off until 8.3 (which is a non-issue for 7mode) you're not "forced" to go to 64-bit.  However, if you wanted to perform a copy-free transition of this system over to ONTAP9 or something else along those lines, you'd need to be 64-bit.  That said, as JGPSHNTAP points out, 64-bit aggregates are really the way to go, especially if you're anywhere near the aggregate capacity on what you're running and might want to add new disk/etc (and might bump into the 16TB limit).


Good luck!



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