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7mode transition from 8.1.3 7-mode to ONTAP 9.5P12 without 7MTT


I am currently migrating from 8.1.3 7-mode to 9.5P12 without using 7MTT tool. All the configuration was fine until i try to initialize the snapmirror relationship. It shows error could not connect to source host.


Network was fine, no firewall issue as both old and new system are at the same VLAN.


I am not sure what is going on. Was it compatibility issue ?





Few checks:


1) On Source (7-mode filer) : Is the 'cDOT' host added  to the source, so that it is allowed to copy the data?
Simply set the snapmirror.access option to -  all
filer> snapmirror.access all


2) Is the cDOT host resolvable from source filer?
filer> rdfile /etc/hosts file

Add the destination host name to the hosts file entry on source: Basically, ensuring you can resolve by hostname.


3) Allow SnapMirror traffic on all the interfaces:
filer> options interface.blocked.snapmirror ""


On the side note: This is not the cause for this error, just for information purpose - Destination volume is type DP and is equal to or greater then source.


Try again and let us know if there is a new error.






Hi, Yes, the source snapmirror configuration have been done earlier. Both old and new system able to resolve by using hostname but the issue still persist.


options snapmirror.access have configured to "all"

added all the vserver, node hostname and ip address into snapmirror.allow file


I was cracking my head but still no crew. Best suspect is ONTAP version, i am not sure.





Some other things to check is on cdot check your cluster/svm peering to the old 7mode system.   Also in 7mode systems sometimes if you have multiple interfaces snapmirror traffic may go out the  wrong interface vs the host name.

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