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ADP Design -2750


I have FAS270 which has 1 tray externally attached to the controllers.

These are 7 TB drives.


I have install using ADP but don't quite seem to be able to control which drives belong to which nodes
cluster-01::> aggr show -aggregate aggr0_netapp_stk_cluster_01_01 -fields disklist
aggregate disklist
------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
aggr0_netapp_stk_cluster_01_01 1.0.1,1.0.3,1.0.5,1.0.7,1.0.9,1.0.11,1.0.13,1.0.15,1.0.17,1.0.19,1.0.21,1.0.23,1.3.1,1.3.3,1.3.5,1.3.7,1.3.9,1.3.11,1.3.13,1.3.15,1.3.17,1.3.19


cluster-01::> aggr show -aggregate aggr0_netapp_stk_cluster_01_02 -fields disklist
aggregate disklist
------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
aggr0_netapp_stk_cluster_01_02 1.0.0,1.0.2,1.0.4,1.0.6,1.0.8,1.0.10,1.0.12,1.0.14,1.0.16,1.0.18,1.0.20,1.0.22,1.3.0,1.3.2,1.3.4,1.3.6,1.3.8,1.3.10,1.3.12,1.3.14,1.3.16,1.3.18


As you can see I have 0dd number disk on node A and even on Node B 
Tray 0  -1.0.x
Tray 3  - 1.3.x
I would rather have 1.0.0 - 23 on node A and 1.3.0-23 on node B.
I might get fairly good performance but should Node B go down then what happens to the aggregate and data should that occur.

These same questions should I introduce Flexgroup in same manner.  I would have same issue.

7 TB x 24 is 168 per tray so that 326 TB of capacity especially when performing upgrades?

I appreciate it any feedback



Why? You’ll end up with slightly better performance with each node using half the disks on each shelf. that is the bay auto assign policy in play. One node owns all the odd drives. The other node owns all the even drives. With adp, that platform only supports building the root aggregates on the internal shelf. 

for what it’s worth, that is the minimum config on  that platform I want my sales guys to sell. Otherwise you’ll end up with an active/passive system. Only enough drives to support an aggregate for one node. With two shelves I can at least have two aggregates


the concern for disk failover is unwarranted. That’s the whole point you have a Netapp in an ha config. 

where are you getting 168 from you have an internal 12 drives (2720= fas with sata on a ds212c shelf) and the max in one external shelf is

212c 12

224c 24

460c 60

so the most I would expect is 72 (60+12)