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ALUA and C-mode

We are using mutli-path with C-Mode filers. Many of our Windows 2012 R2 servers are using round robin with the native MS MOI. Should we be using ALUA instead? Should we install a NetApp DSM for Windows 2012 R2?

Re: ALUA and C-mode



Daraghos -


ALUA and how you do distribution among paths are two seperate mechanisms.


ALUA handles failover from Active Optimized paths to Active Non-Optimized paths.


Load distribution over active paths is a seperate issue.

In general Round Robin is the default from clients and a Common Practice...


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Re: ALUA and C-mode

Of course! So enable ALUA to have the ability to identify which paths are optimized then decided on load balancing amongst those paths with the MPIO policy. That makes sense. Tanks for taking time to reply!
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