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Access denied for all local users except root


I am encountering an Access denied issue while connecting to my 7 Mode filer through SSH and system manager. I have 7mode cluster running on 8.1.4. Users are member of local Administrator group of the filer. I can access the one node of the cluster without any issue, but when I try to access the other node, I can only access it through root. All other users get access denied error.




Can someone help me to fix this issue?



Hi @US 


Just to help manage your expectations, this is a community forum. Everyone who participates here whether that be NetApp employees, partners or customers do so purely on a volunteer basis. 


The challenge here is you are running a legacy version of ONTAP which is 100% now unsupported. If you have other NetApp systems that do have active entitlement, then I would suggest searching the knowledgebase for some relevant articles that might at least point you in the right direction on what to check. 


Potentially the services that handle ssh/gui access have experienced an issue, in some cases doing a takeover/giveback might be helpful along with a reboot of the impacted node. 


You can also consider accessing the impacted node's service processor and looking there to understand the impacted nodes status. 


Hopefully this helps point you in the right direction. 


Hi there!


Each controller of a 7-mode system has its own userlist - please run this command on each node to verify that the user list is different, and then create the users on the other one:


useradmin user list


With ONTAP 8.1 today, you will likely no longer be able to connect to Active Directory servers, due to enhanced security from Microsoft, but that was the preferred option when these were current.


Hope this helps!